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Message from the chairman

Message from the chairman

The Japan Internet Providers Association has been stepping forward in parallel with the advancement of the Internet in Japan.

The Internet providers are providing users the Internet access service which is indispensable for the modern social life and are helping users to solve problems.
The Internet providers emerged with Dial up access service and enhanced its connection service using ISDN, ADSL and optical fiber with the progress of technologies and changed its style to contribute to the development of the various local industries as the player to sustain ICT environment, for example, such as hosting and cloud platform.
From now on, the Internet providers are expected to contribute to be involved to IoT and AI, which are expected to lead the whole industry in the future besides the conventional fixed communication and various mobile communication service known as MVNO.
On the other hands, suitable treatment to the increasing threat of information security concern and user care in the viewpoint of consumer protection should not be left over.Our association would like discuss such issues and share information to lead the healthy expansion through close partnership among 150 member companies nationwide so that we contribute to vitalization of ICT industry all around in Japan.

I appreciate your advice and suggestions.

Makoto Kubo
The Chairman