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Business Outline

Business Outline


This association aims to promote the healthy development of Internet service provider businesses and to contribute to the development of a society with highly informative communication networks by improving technical knowledge and business management and by collecting people's opinions, cooperating between related business fields, promoting better use of the Internet. As the number of Internet users grows, there is an increasing need in society for Internet service provider business, which provide various services related to the distribution of information based on Internet protocol.


This association engages in the following tasks to accomplish the purposes above.

  1. Exchanging and the common use of information among Internet service providers
  2. Improvement of technical knowledge among Internet service providers
  3. Consultation, advice and support to incubate business for the management of Internet service provider business
  4. Arranging opinions, requests and proposals from Internet service providers
  5. Cooperation and coordination of all related organizations to both Internet service provider business and non-Internet service provider business
  6. Researching and developing of information communication technology in Internet-related business fields
  7. Investigative research on both the market for and systems used in Internet-related business
  8. Improvement of information literacy among Internet users
  9. Education, publicity, and publication of materials for Internet use
  10. Other work necessary to accomplish the purposes and aims of this association


A member of this association will be under one of the following three statuses and only a regular member shall be allowed to have membership according to the Civil Code.

  1. Regular Member
    A group or an individual who runs Internet service provider business or related business, agrees with the purposes of this association and is allowed to join it, meeting the conditions stipulated in the articles.

  2. Supporting Member
    A group or an individual who agrees with the purposes of this association and is allowed to join it, meeting the conditions stipulated in the articles.

  3. Honorary Member
    A person who contributed to this association or someone of experience and academic standing who was recommended by the board of directors and approved of in a general meeting.